You’re an individual, a company or an agency and you’re looking for someone to translate a text into French? Harmony Traduction is here to help you!

Harmony Traduction offer their translation expertise in all areas, in highly specific topics and beyond, with a focus on literature, tourism, travels and journalism.

Harmony Traduction have a well-based experience in technical and administrative areas, as well as in marketing.


Thanks to the variety of languages provided, Harmony Traduction enable their clients to international writing communication with worldwide partners in French, Spanish or/and Russian. Additional services such as revision and proofreading are also available.

You may wonder why contacting an independent translator?

Well….For many reasons!


An independent translator has the expertise and the needed know-how to translate a text into another language, while keeping the original meaning of it. Using a single translator for an entire project ensures a stylistic consistency. Agencies sometimes use several translators, having different styles, for a single project thus altering the true meaning of the original text.


An independent translator is far less expensive than going through a translation agency. The price you’ll pay equals to the exact amount of time spent on your project, without any hidden cost!


You can directly communicate with the person taking care of your project, any time and as often as you want and build a real relationship with that person. He/she will be able to better tailor and fit your requirements and translate them in our project.


Don’t wait any further!


Our Services

Top qualitative translations in line with the original sense of the text, this is what Harmony Traduction can offer you! All of this for your best satisfaction!


For any additional information or to request an individual quote, please do not hesitate to contact Harmony Traduction!


  • Literature:
    • novels, tales, youth literature...
  • Tourism and travel:
    • touristic text, booklets, support, documents...
  • Journalism:
    • press releases, article...
  • Technical and administrative:
    • user manuals, requests for proposals...
  • Marketing:
    • advertisings, brochure...

Revision and proofreading

Harmony Traduction can also check your texts either written or translated into French and correct the style, syntax, orthography as well as the punctuation.




Like every document is unique, the rates of translation, revision and proofreading vary according to the number of words, to the complexity of the project, and, in the case of a revision or a proofreading, to the quality of the translation.


Don’t hesitate to request a free quote!

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